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The zombie apocalypse is coming!

TV news reports are frantic as the zombie horde overruns national guard checkpoints across the country.  Infection spreads, and what was once a small quarantine zone has suddenly grown much larger.  Whole towns are abandoned as the quick flee and the slow are feasted upon by the growing army of undead.

Your local TV station preempts national coverage of the epidemic to announce that zombies have appeared in the streets of your own town. Somebody cranks up the big siren over at the fire station and the TV goes to static. Now you're sitting in your living room staring at a screen full of snow listening to the mournful wail outside, and it feels like the end of the world.

Chilling, isn't it?  Are you prepared for the inevitable zombie outbreak?  ZombieShopping.com is your Undead Apocalypse Store, with all the supplies you need to survive the coming storm.

Featured Zombie Supplies

Halloween - Zombie Restaurant Warnings - 6x6 Iron On Heat Transfer For White Material
Brand: 3dRose
*Price: $ 11.99
Hollywood Undead - Yellow Wood T-Shirt
Brand: Hollywood Undead
*Price: $ 17.95
Land of the Dead
Brand: Atari
Model: 27014
*Price: $ 24.45
4 1/2 Inch Sexy Mary Jane Pump Shoes Peep Toe Screen Print Zombies Horror Bloody
Brand: Unknown
*Price: $ 61.99
Prince of Darkness
*Price: $ 6.49
The Tilian Virus: Book One of The Pandemic Sequence
Brand: Wallowing Bear Publishing
*Price: $ 4.99
PVD Stainless Steel Gem Navel Barbell with Zombie Dangle: 14g
Brand: Steel Navel Body Jewelry
*Price: $ 7.00
Hardest Part About Zombie Apocalypse Mousepad Mouse Pad
Brand: Graphics and More
*Price: $ 12.99
Zombie 2 Graphical Fender Jazzmaster Pickguard
Brand: Greasy Groove
*Price: $ 39.99
Ask Me About My Zombie Chick Shirt T-Shirt #54
Brand: BeWild
*Price: $ 14.99
Trick Or Treat Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Carol Cavalaris
Brand: Fine Art America
*Price: $ 526.03
4 Grit Diamond Whetstone Knife Sharpening System
Brand: SE
*Price: $ 14.95
Zombie You First Girls T-Shirt
Brand: Hot Topic
*Price: $ 22.50
Keep Calm and Kill Zombies Humor Print Poster - 11x17
Brand: Generic
*Price: $ 6.80
Borderlands: Add-On Content Pack [Mac Download]
Brand: Feral Interactive
Model: 40666ontent Pack4
*Price: $ 11.99
The Zombie and the Rocketeer [HD]
*Price: $ 2.99
Zombie Coffin Bathroom Soap Halloween Goth Horror Decor
Brand: BloodBath Body Products
Model: ZMB3D
*Price: $ 6.99
White Zombie Hot Sauce, 5oz.
*Price: $ 6.95